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[08 Jul 2004|12:35am]

Please keep in mind (since most of you dont know me) that I am now in michigan for school...there for atleast 1200 miles away from this kid...and that EVERYDAY he calls me sweetheart and tells me how amazing I look and how much of a goddess I am...and im not...I havent even hit puberty yet.
just incase that was hard to follow.

sola talk: i lvoe you.
Barbi 311: who dosnt at this point
isola talk: uh. your parents.
Barbi 311: they do more than anyone else playa
isola talk: no way not more than me.
isola talk: are you horny?
Barbi 311: eww
isola talk: ha.
isola talk: me either.
Barbi 311: do you want to hang out this weekend?
isola talk: sure.
isola talk: what time?
Barbi 311: im free whenever really
isola talk: sweet.
Barbi 311: I will give you my cell number tomorrow
isola talk: why not right noe?
Barbi 311: Im getting it changed from school and stuff
Barbi 311: where do you want to go
Barbi 311: besides my bed
isola talk: ha. is that where you want to go?
Barbi 311: maybe after a movie or something
isola talk: ha. sweet.
isola talk: how about dinner and a movie?>
Barbi 311: are you paying?
isola talk: of course. as long as we get some bed action.
Barbi 311: im ok wtih that
isola talk: sweet.
isola talk: we will rock the party all night!
Barbi 311: haha
isola talk: what movie?
Barbi 311: dosnt matter
isola talk: something empty so we can makeout!
isola talk: rock the party!
Barbi 311: haha
Barbi 311: cant you make out no matter how many people are there?
isola talk: oh yea! but we cant rock the party.
Barbi 311: why not?
isola talk: i dont know but yea i guess we can since you are the boss.
isola talk: of night and fire!
Barbi 311: haha
isola talk: what are you wearing?
isola talk: hello?
Barbi 311: hi

who uses rock the party more than twice in a conversation?
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Pervert Alert! [07 Jun 2004|07:35pm]

Yeah. New member here. My aim conversatinos are pretty... stupid and pointless, but I love 'em anyway! <3

Mizu: You do that just to feel me up. c.c;
Serge: No I don't!
Mizu: Uh-huh.
Serge: nuh uh
Mizu: Fine. Nuh uh.
Serge: Exactly!
Mizu: Or so you think!
Serge: I think?
Mizu: You know?
Serge: I forget.
Mizu: Acid'll do that to you.


Aki: when a problem comes along
Aki: you must whip it
Mizu: Whip it good?
Aki: hell yes
Mizu: GOD YES!
Aki: haha
Aki: orgasm?
Mizu: Yeah, baby.


Mizu: ...@Fart
Mizu: Sin! >_
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[20 Mar 2004|10:43am]

[ mood | excited ]

nikkita missile: so what's up you mad fsuw, you?
LuckyBlueDucky14: um...damn, i wish i was a guy >> muwhahahahahahahahahaha!!!
nikkita missile: haha!!
nikkita missile: that is sick, I must say! :D
LuckyBlueDucky14: it is...but everytime someone asks 'whats up?' i just wish i was a guy...anyway, my hairs up! \/\/007!
nikkita missile: haha!! yaaaay!! D:D:
nikkita missile: my hair's um... down! haha! >:D
nikkita missile: I win fo sho
LuckyBlueDucky14: er, and i'm going to teh movies with manda tomorrow
LuckyBlueDucky14: damn
LuckyBlueDucky14: you do win! :P
nikkita missile: sweet ass
nikkita missile: manda?
LuckyBlueDucky14: miranda
nikkita missile: ooooh, whee! :D
nikkita missile: what movie? :D
LuckyBlueDucky14: and then i dont know what i'm gonna do for the rest of the day...sleep, be lazy...thats how today was spent :D
LuckyBlueDucky14: secret window
nikkita missile: haha, I shoulda figured
nikkita missile: dude, tell me how that was
nikkita missile: or are you even gonna watch the movie? ;D
LuckyBlueDucky14: hehe
LuckyBlueDucky14: i'm gonna watch it
LuckyBlueDucky14: it looks really good
nikkita missile: haha, okay... I'm holding you to that
LuckyBlueDucky14: and, he's mort rainey -swoons-
nikkita missile: haha
nikkita missile: it's a sign from god!!
nikkita missile: johnny depp is actually your father!!
nikkita missile: XD
LuckyBlueDucky14: omfg...-dies-
LuckyBlueDucky14: nikki
LuckyBlueDucky14: why?
nikkita missile: lmao
nikkita missile: wow
LuckyBlueDucky14: WHY?!
nikkita missile: how wrong would that make you? XD
LuckyBlueDucky14: so wrong
nikkita missile: but how lucky would that make your mom!!
nikkita missile: w00t
LuckyBlueDucky14: i'd beat her down and be like 'you evil mofo!!!'
nikkita missile: haha!!
nikkita missile: but
nikkita missile: but...
nikkita missile: hmm
nikkita missile: well
nikkita missile: I dunno
nikkita missile: haha, there are no up's to that
nikkita missile: ...except your friends would always be over XD
LuckyBlueDucky14: yeah
LuckyBlueDucky14: man
LuckyBlueDucky14: i'd go back in time
LuckyBlueDucky14: wait
LuckyBlueDucky14: i was gonna say so this wouldn't happen
nikkita missile: haha
LuckyBlueDucky14: but then i prolly wouldn't be born
nikkita missile: yeah... true
nikkita missile: and that wouldn't be cool

Mine and Nikki's aim stupido XD

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[14 Mar 2004|08:32pm]

[ mood | awake ]

me: knock knock
meg: who's there?
me: little boy blue
meg: litte blue boy who?
me: little boy blue michael jackson

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[23 Feb 2004|03:13am]

[ mood | amused ]

regalfantasima20: I feel like caving and buying an iPod but it feels like I'd be joining some weird cult
Mark 8 OC C: resist
Mark 8 OC C: the problem with Apple is that fact that they dont announce anything
regalfantasima20: I've been strong so far.. but the new ones are so tiny.. and appealing
Mark 8 OC C: i have a friend who bought an iPod and the next day the newer model came out... no one knew about it
regalfantasima20: That's what I'm afraid of.. something about Apple seems so insidious
Mark 8 OC C: Steve Jobs is evil
regalfantasima20: Evil isn't a strong enough word
Mark 8 OC C: he is Jobs
regalfantasima20: heh heh
Mark 8 OC C: Apple is the Mourning Star
regalfantasima20: Apple is the Anti-Christ..bearing the nefarious mark of the beast
regalfantasima20: Think about it.. Garden of Eden.. the apple
Mark 8 OC C: when Steve Jobs made the first Apple in his garage, that was the beginning of Rapture
regalfantasima20: The iMac was like Jesus
Mark 8 OC C: iBook is Judas
Mark 8 OC C: my god
regalfantasima20: So what is the iPod then?
Mark 8 OC C: the second coming
Mark 8 OC C: if the iMac is Jesus
Mark 8 OC C: that was the high point of Apple
Mark 8 OC C: they crushed Microsoft and converted many a PC user
Mark 8 OC C: holy shit
Mark 8 OC C: all the "switch" commercials
regalfantasima20: Oh my god!!! All this time...I feel so dirty... so confused...
Mark 8 OC C: wait... the iBook isnt Judas
Mark 8 OC C: the iBook is the "Good Book"

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PLEASE..... [08 Feb 2004|03:36pm]

[ mood | bored ]


aim||SEEN FOR||

please im me im bored.....insanly bored!


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update again (im goin through my dead aim logs..) [08 Feb 2004|10:10am]

loose tourniquet (6:22:05 PM): fo shizzle ma' nizzle!
nikkita missile (6:22:14 PM): how dare you!
nikkita missile (6:22:23 PM): oh, you cad!
loose tourniquet (6:22:28 PM): cad?
nikkita missile (6:22:36 PM): um... yeah
loose tourniquet (6:22:44 PM): ::bites::
nikkita missile (6:22:45 PM): lol, I have no idea what it's supposed to be...
loose tourniquet (6:22:52 PM): oh, well then
nikkita missile (6:22:56 PM): but they say it in those old moves [bites harder]
loose tourniquet (6:23:03 PM): EEE!!!
nikkita missile (6:23:10 PM): :3
nikkita missile (6:23:13 PM): hee! :D
loose tourniquet (6:23:15 PM): O_O
loose tourniquet (6:23:21 PM): guess who!
nikkita missile (6:23:21 PM): I hate that ><
loose tourniquet (6:23:33 PM): as you should
nikkita missile (6:23:46 PM): um... oh no! it finally happened! shelley went crazy and posessed someone! XO
loose tourniquet (6:23:48 PM): guess dammit! >O
nikkita missile (6:23:53 PM): I did... ~~
loose tourniquet (6:23:56 PM): you better believe it!
loose tourniquet (6:23:58 PM): I saw
nikkita missile (6:24:03 PM): and... and... the power christ compel you! >:O
nikkita missile (6:24:21 PM): or is it compels...
loose tourniquet (6:24:23 PM): ::spins head around and throws up pea soup: gklndsf,gndrkglfnhb
nikkita missile (6:24:33 PM): ;;
loose tourniquet (6:24:39 PM): compels I think
nikkita missile (6:24:42 PM): er, who did you saw?
nikkita missile (6:24:48 PM): yeah, I think it's compels, too...
loose tourniquet (6:24:52 PM): eh?
nikkita missile (6:24:54 PM): I make a horrible exorcist...
nikkita missile (6:25:02 PM): loose tourniquet (8:01:27 PM): I saw
nikkita missile (6:25:08 PM): you saw what?
nikkita missile (6:25:16 PM): oh
loose tourniquet (6:25:16 PM): that you guessed
nikkita missile (6:25:17 PM): nm :D
loose tourniquet (6:25:20 PM): XD
nikkita missile (6:25:37 PM): grr... I'm looking up colleges because I suck ><
nikkita missile (6:25:47 PM): but yeah, why are you on cori's sn? X3
loose tourniquet (6:25:55 PM): ::bites even harder:: scarier now that you know I'm possessed
loose tourniquet (6:26:07 PM): cause I'm at her commode
nikkita missile (6:26:19 PM): don't make me break out the holy water
nikkita missile (6:26:25 PM): ...you're at her toilet? oo
loose tourniquet (6:26:30 PM): YES!!
nikkita missile (6:26:41 PM): shelley shelley shelley... -_-
loose tourniquet (6:26:45 PM): ya?
nikkita missile (6:27:06 PM): do we need to have a talk about abusing toilets? ~~
loose tourniquet (6:27:11 PM): it's all the rage to put your computer next to you toilet :E
nikkita missile (6:27:12 PM): especially other peoples?
nikkita missile (6:27:16 PM): XD
loose tourniquet (6:27:37 PM): Mmmm comb
nikkita missile (6:27:42 PM): you know... it probably won't be long til it's true oO
nikkita missile (6:27:50 PM): yeah well... :@ <-- tonsil infection!
loose tourniquet (6:28:25 PM): oh. My. God.
nikkita missile (6:28:35 PM): yezz?
nikkita missile (6:28:40 PM): <-- now answer to god :D
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[08 Feb 2004|10:01am]

[ mood | amused ]

I'm a new member ^^
I have some odd talks with my friend here, please dont im her, im to lazy to change the names :D

nikkita missile: heeeey. what's shakin?
loose tourniquet: nothin!
loose tourniquet: you?
nikkita missile: I'm shakin all over! like a person who's had too much crisco
nikkita missile: ...I'm sorry. that was disgusting ~~

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[03 Feb 2004|09:19pm]

random random ass guy
and me :)
Nate napkins: hi
Barbi 311: hi
Nate napkins: hi
Barbi 311: hi
Nate napkins: say, i dont wanna sound like a pimp or anything but i was wondering if you'd sleep with people for money and hand the money to me. bobby's friend carla told her sister kate that greg's brother john said you were kinda easy. if its not true then thats cool
Nate napkins: hello?
Barbi 311: haha
Nate napkins: is that a yes? because we could get started tonight. i think i have some high platform pumps for you to wear. what size shoe are you?
Barbi 311: 8 1/2
Nate napkins: outta sight
Nate napkins: meet me in the alley behind the wallmart on 130th street in 20 minutes, k?
Barbi 311: im more of a kmart kinda gal
Nate napkins: jeeeeesus christ demanding already. fine k-mart. if you have any one color pastel type mini skirts, bring em. i'll see you in 20
Barbi 311: I have 5 or 6
Barbi 311: ill bring the one with the least cum stains
Nate napkins: nice. i love it when i meet the pros
Nate napkins: dont you dare tell your boyfriend and address me as sugar daddy fat money-pockets when you see me
Barbi 311: ill be there in 20 mins sugar daddy fat money-pockets
Nate napkins: outta sight.
Barbi 311: can I call you sdfmp for short?
Nate napkins: you sure can and i'm gonna call you honey muffin-stuff whether you like it or not and if you have any friends that are near your level of slutness, i'd like to meet em. i'll pay em, but not as much as you
Barbi 311: oh man I have lists and lists
Nate napkins: nice! dude you're the best whore EVER. i love you! in that pimp, ho kinda way
Barbi 311: business only I understand
Barbi 311: hi im barbi
Nate napkins: ahhhh barbi. thats a snazzy name. i spent about 10 minutes calling you a whore and you never told me to fuck off. you're alright barbi. i found your name on moc and thought you were the sweetest girl on there and had no clue what to say to you so i thought calling you a slut would be the best thing. problem is you look so so so so young. are you anywhere near of age?
Barbi 311: im 18
Nate napkins: jeeeeesus christ, woman you're 18? you don't age much do you?
Nate napkins: so then you're a college girl?
Nate napkins: a thrift shop working girl?
Barbi 311: oh am I
Barbi 311: how did you know of this?
Nate napkins: complete stab in the dark. you must have been in heaven. chicks dig thrift shops
Nate napkins: question:
Nate napkins: where are you?
Nate napkins: in america. i totally didnt look
Barbi 311: colorado
Barbi 311: what if I was from chili?
Nate napkins: dude, chili, colorado you're still hella far away. i wanted to hold hands and twirl in a circle and fall in a bed of roses and all that stuff
Nate napkins: roses might hurt
Nate napkins: lillies
Nate napkins: no, dafodills
Nate napkins: no wait
Nate napkins: lillies
Barbi 311: rose petals?
Nate napkins: woa sorry. alotta people came pouring in pretending like i'm not even talking to THEE barbi
Barbi 311: you totally kicked their ass and demanded respect right!?
Nate napkins: i sid "dude, i'm talkin to barbi" and they all gave me a high five and said "nice!" and left
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[03 Feb 2004|09:43pm]


aim: wastedroach

add me

im me

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[01 Feb 2004|09:49pm]

I don't know if we can do this or not, but I want to promote this community, strangexwanted go and become a member! Please?!
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sneak out? [01 Feb 2004|01:20pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Tyler Says Oi (5:17:23 PM): HEY!

Auto response from Tyler Says Oi (5:17:23 PM): Bathe in my lack of creativity.

Tyler Says Oi (5:17:54 PM): well your hot
Tyler Says Oi (5:18:18 PM): im wondering when do you get done babysitting?
The Chuck Fairy (5:18:40 PM): Hello!!
Tyler Says Oi (5:18:45 PM): HEY!
The Chuck Fairy (5:19:06 PM): Around midnight I guess...
Tyler Says Oi (5:19:12 PM): well then!
Tyler Says Oi (5:19:30 PM): that cracks ass
The Chuck Fairy (5:20:01 PM): Yeeeahhh.
Tyler Says Oi (5:20:32 PM): yeah
The Chuck Fairy (5:20:38 PM): I want to sneak out tonight.
Tyler Says Oi (5:20:49 PM): so come over
The Chuck Fairy (5:21:27 PM): Haha, your parents will be there...no?
Tyler Says Oi (5:21:43 PM): yeah but we have a sliding door, and they ll be asleep
The Chuck Fairy (5:22:11 PM): It's tempting.
Tyler Says Oi (5:22:21 PM): hhe yeah
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i just thought this was great between me and a friend. I'm luckyblueducky14 [31 Jan 2004|05:28pm]

[ mood | amused ]

LuckyBlueDucky14: looking at the sexiest shoes IN THE WORLD
LuckyBlueDucky14: www.howcool.com
mentalpatient426: lol dominatrix stuf
mentalpatient426: f
LuckyBlueDucky14: yeeeeah
LuckyBlueDucky14: sexxxy
mentalpatient426: haha and you already have the shoes
LuckyBlueDucky14: have you seen some of these shoes on the site, man? i mean, MY GOSH! they make me want to go lie about my age to get a job to BUY THEM!
mentalpatient426: LMFAO
mentalpatient426: dude your making me want to shop for shoes
LuckyBlueDucky14: they make me want to spend my money from babysitting from the summer that i was gonna use for gas money
LuckyBlueDucky14: i wanna get a pair so bad
LuckyBlueDucky14: but they're all
LuckyBlueDucky14: so
LuckyBlueDucky14: FRIGGIN
LuckyBlueDucky14: EXPENSIVE!
mentalpatient426: dude i know
mentalpatient426: *hits self*
LuckyBlueDucky14: seriously, i'd wear them all the time if i got a pair

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I want to spank you! [24 Jan 2004|09:24pm]

[ mood | listless ]

Tyler Says Oi (4:52:20 PM): i want to

Auto response from Tyler Says Oi (4:52:20 PM): Spank!

Tyler Says Oi (4:52:23 PM): you
Tyler Says Oi (4:52:29 PM): hahah
Tyler Says Oi (4:52:35 PM)
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..::..{so in new}..::.. [11 Jan 2004|09:51pm]

[ mood | bored ]

...and i dont know what to post on here first just because ive got no interesting stupid convos going on so here goes something random just because i gotta put something on here...

me (9:45:23 PM): *punches groin*
guy (9:45:30 PM): OW!!
guy (9:45:35 PM): *falls down stairs*
me (9:45:43 PM): *ahahahahahahaha*
k that's all :)
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[11 Dec 2003|05:24pm]

Maladroit322: MUHAHAHAHA guess what i just got?
BoyzonesAngel: qoui?
Maladroit322: the entire script for the empire strikes back!
BoyzonesAngel: LOL kick ass.
BoyzonesAngel: even tho i have it memorized so it doesn't matter
Maladroit322: really?
Maladroit322: ::falls in love with erin::
Maladroit322: please let me become your undyingly faithful slave
BoyzonesAngel: i have them all memorized
Maladroit322: omg
Maladroit322: has an orgasm
Maladroit322: i want you erin
BoyzonesAngel: you know that's goin in my profile, right?
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[11 Nov 2003|06:07pm]

Maladroit322: i envy you in like everyway except for having a uterus, for that i laugh at you.
BoyzonesAngel: it's just gov. school, andy.
Maladroit322: ::WHAT I HEAR::i'm only the best andy it's nothing really....
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[10 Nov 2003|01:13pm]

seein starz 67 (8:59:07 PM): anyone else in ur life then? lol
SpartanWarrior2 (8:59:23 PM): um dont know
SpartanWarrior2 (8:59:29 PM): have a lot of girls on the line
SpartanWarrior2 (8:59:33 PM): u know me lindsey
seein starz 67 (8:59:45 PM): lol
seein starz 67 (8:59:48 PM): good point
SpartanWarrior2 (9:00:05 PM): haha
SpartanWarrior2 (9:00:27 PM): yea so thats really means i have no one im lonely and my best friend right now is my right hand
seein starz 67 (9:00:43 PM): hahaha
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[10 Nov 2003|01:11pm]

STATICXXX2005 (10:40:05 AM): how come girls can say "i am going out with my girlfriends" and no one thinks anything of it, but the second i say "i am going out with my boyfriend to buy fannypacks" everyone thinks i am gay?
seein starz 67 (10:40:23 AM): because thast the way it is
STATICXXX2005 (10:40:38 AM): damn elton john
STATICXXX2005 (10:40:41 AM): damn him
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[10 Nov 2003|01:09pm]

STATICXXX2005(4:45:40 PM) : how was ur doctors appointment
Ferrett37(4:45:45 PM) : gay
Ferrett37(4:45:46 PM) : lol
STATICXXX2005(4:45:52 PM) : did he grab ur balls
Ferrett37(4:46:22 PM) : it was an ear check up
STATICXXX2005(4:46:35 PM) : he grabbed ur balls didnt he?
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